Board of Trustees

Beijing City International School implements its "Head of School responsible system," which is under direct guidance of the Board of Trustees. With expertise and rich experience from international education, the business community, finance, facilities and risk management, human resources and legal areas, the board members provide direction and strategy for the sustained development of the school.

There are three committees affiliated to the board: Education & Development Committee, Finance & Operations Committee, and the Policy Committee. The Head of School sits on all committees. Each committee consists of one to two board members, with one board member as the chair of the committee, which is conducive to the timely communication channel between the board and the school.

The positive and effective relationship exists between the board and Head of School works for the best interest of all students and staff. The board convenes at least four times a year to review the Head of School and Committee work reports at major board meetings. The committees provide guidance and recommendations for all sectors of the school through meetings, consultation and discussion to address concerns and promote the development of the school.

School Founder

Mr. Ni Haohua

Mr. Ni established the Landgent Group in 1996 and has been President of the group ever since. Landgent Group has diversified interests in the areas of education, services for senior citizens, real estate, fixed asset management, and city investment and operations. The Landgent Group has programs in many areas of China including Beijing, Shan Dong, Zhejiang, and Hainan.

“To achieve one’s own goal while contributing to society” is both the fundamental concept underlying the Landgent Group and the mission guiding its development. In furtherance of this mission in 2003 Mr Ni decided to build a school that incorporates international-mindedness and meets international standards. In preparation for this project, he visited many prestigious schools in Europe, America, and Asia, as well as analyzed a large amount of data regarding educational institutions at home and abroad. Based on his findings he decided to use the International Baccalaureate as the core curriculum on which to found a high quality international school.

Working with colleagues from within the school, along with other educational experts, Mr. Ni finalized the school philosophy and personally directed every stage of campus design and construction. He also advocated the school philosophy to governors, embassy officials, and entrepreneurial friends. All this laid a solid foundation for the smooth opening of the school.

As an investor, Mr. Ni hopes that students will be proud to study in BCIS and that teachers will be delighted to teach at. He trusts that BCIS will build on its deep Chinese roots, while absorbing advanced concepts from international education to become widely respected as a model school that provides an excellent international education. His aim is that BCIS will aspire towards achieving its 100th anniversary and contribute strongly to the globalization of Chinese education.

Board Chair

Ms. An Wei

Ms. An Wei lived and studied in Beijing before pursuing further education in Macquarie, Sydney. Following that she worked in International School Singapore both in Singapore and Beijing for more than ten years, gaining extensive experience in school management.

At the end of 2004 she played a leading role in the establishment of BCIS by heading the school’s foundation team in all its preparatory work. When the school was officially opened in August 2005, she served as Head of Business and Administration. On that position she completed the establishment of the administrative and operating systems of the school.

In June 2007, Ms. An Wei was appointed Board Executive of BCIS. She facilitated the formal establishment of the school board and developed guidelines and principles for the board and the school. As the only full-time director, An Wei has served as a major channel of communication and coordination between the board, the School Head and the wider community.

In September 2011, An Wei was additionally appointed Chief Executive Officer of Yuecheng Education Management Company.

Ms. An Wei is a team member of NCCT Accreditation and has been involved in accreditation visits to many expatriate-oriented schools in China.

Board Members

Honorary Board Members