Welcome to the Early Childhood Center (ECC)

At the Early Childhood Center (ECC) we use investigative play-based inquiry as the foundation for learning. The primary years programme is employed as our curriculum framework, which is combined with innovative, research-based teaching approaches to meet the goals and nurture the strong, meaningful development of early years students. Our LEED Gold certified facilities give students the best opportunity to engage in experiences of self-discovery and to interact freely with the environment, their peers and teachers.

Message from the Early Childhood Principal

At the ECC, we value and honor the individual abilities, progress, and discoveries of our early years learners. We have a rich curriculum that embraces the surrounding environment by learning through investigating, creating, discovering, and engaging in a variety of ways throughout our state-of-the-art facilities. All our students benefit immensely from our dedicated and experienced faculty, who work in collaboration to nurture each individual child as they journey through their own learning experiences.

Debra Cota

BCIS Early Childhood Principal