Why does BCIS offer Scholarships?

  • To inspire and nurture exceptional talents for students who embody and exemplify the BCIS mission and vision
  • To invest in the personal, creative and intellectual development of extraordinary students
  • To promote excellence in BCIS Secondary School
  • To encourage each student to give back to their community and actively support the BCIS Alumni Network

BCIS Scholarship recipients are extraordinary Grade 9-12 students who:

  • Demonstrate exceptional performance in one or more areas
  • Use curiosity to explore, develop and express a range of ideas that challenge their own understandings, beliefs and emotions
  • Seek challenges, overcome difficulties and persevere while learning from failure
  • Demonstrate critical thinking through ethical problem solving to find creative solutions to complex issues
  • Model compassion by respecting the perspectives of, and caring for, others, and leading positive change for individuals and the community, locally and/or globally

Two different types of BCIS Scholarship are available:

  • BCIS Academic Scholarshipfor students who demonstrate consistently high academic achievement across ALL subject areas
  • BCIS Merit Scholarship – for students who demonstrate exceptional performance and outstanding potential in a specific field or way of thinking (e.g. sport, writing, the arts, mathematics, science, creativity, film making, technology etc.)

Founder’s Scholarships are awarded for Academic or Merit to students who truly embody the BCIS mission.

Who can apply for a BCIS Scholarship?

  • Students CURRENTLY ATTENDING BCIS and entering Grades 11 and 12
  • Students NOT CURRENTLY ATTENDING BCIS and entering Grades 9 and 10
  • Students of all nationalities (Chinese and international)

NOTE: BCIS Scholarship recipients are required to:

  • complete High School at BCIS
  • study either the full diploma programme or the BCIS IDEATE Program in Grades 11-12

Application Process

Scholarship Application Timeline

  • BCIS Scholarship applications open on 1 February
  • BCIS Scholarship applications close on 15 March (External Applicants)
  • Scholarship interviews occur during March
  • Applicants will be notified in writing before 30 April by BCIS Admissions
  • Note: additional external scholarships applications may be considered until 1 August for new families moving to Beijing

Submit your BCIS Scholarship Application

  • Students CURRENTLY ATTENDING BCIS – submit your scholarship applications as directed by BCIS Secondary School Principal
  • Students NOT CURRENTLY ATTENDING BCIS – complete the BCIS online admissions process and submit your scholarship application to BCIS Admissions (bcis.openapply.cn)


Please contact BCIS Admissions or the BCIS Secondary School Principal if you have any questions.

BCIS Tel: (86)010 8771 7171

BCIS Admissions Office Email: admissions@bcis.cn

BCIS Secondary School PrincipalEmail: mark.sullivan@bcis.cn